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Information about Consultations

This is where you can find basic information about appointment options & rates. Please email me if you may be interested but would like to find out more before you commit.  I meet clients in Burlington, VT, Boston MA & occassionally your  location! 
  1. Initial Consultation
    Generally 60-90 minutes depending on the issues presented and main goals of the visit. The rate for an initial visit is is $85. This is an introductory rate for Boston for December 2016 & January 2017. Gift certificates are available for $85. which can be redeemed at any time.
  2. Initial Consultation for Two
    For even better value, get a 60-90 minute Initial consult/info session for you and a loved one, friend, care taker, parent/child. While this is not a conventional offering, it has arisen in my practice as partners joined sessions to find out more, get questions answered or support their loved one. It is also appropriate if the two of you have similar concerns, or even for reasons as simple as sharing transportation and being short on time to do two long meetings. I have even had partners sign up to get more educated about a household health natural health debate. All the same health issues as the conventional consults apply and typically the focus is a little more on one person but the other can get some tips and learn what these herbal consults are all about. $85 in December & January. Typically clients are most successful if they also have some short individual follow ups though these can be in person or over the phone.
  3. On Site or Health Foods Store Meetup
    In the event that we cannot find a time to meet during my regular office hours or you are not sure you are ready to commit to a 60-90 minute private meeting or you have just a few questions about herbs and supplements I may be able to meet you at another location, including your favorite health food store for you to get customized advice and help making sense of all the choices in herbs and supplements. These meetups are $30 per half hour and will undoubtedly save you money, because I can help steer you to the most ideal choice in herbs and supplements for you and probably save you from buying many things you don't need!
  4. Phone Consults
    These are typically for follow up customers, who have engaged in at least one of the other meetings above or the health food store meetup. However, I will make considerations for clients who cannot otherwise meet me in one of my two locations in Burlington, VT and Boston, MA. These are most productive if you have specific questions. $25. per 1/2 hr.
  5. Additional Consultation Services
    I do receive requests for group consultations. I can present on herbal & natural health topics specific to your group but these are more of a presentation format with a question and answer session and an opportunity for individuals to sign up for more one on one support. Rates depend on the preparation and transportation required. Please get in touch about what I can offer your small or large group!