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Education & Training:  Heather Irvine has been in herbal medicine for 15 years.  She earned her degree from Cornell Univsersity in 2005 while also completing both 7 month programs offered by the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, a 100 hour and a 450 hour training in botanical medicine making and its applications.  

Following NSBM she joined the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism in the first year of its operation, as one of six students who were offered advanced standing for their prior studies, as year a two student.  With VCIH in two years she gained over 1,000 hours of training from three clinical herbalists, including 150 hours of focused educational discussion of client cases, and over 200 hours of supervised time as an herbal clinician or medicinal formulator.  

Following VCIH she worked in a busy Naturopathic office in the community for 3 years and began her herbal product and health consultation business, Giving Tree Botanicals, which has been going strong since 2008. She creates 200-300 medicinal plant extracts and makes personalized health recommendations utilizing herbs, foods, lifestyle.   

During the 8 years she has been in business she has also been comitted to deepening her understanding of health and how herbs work, haven taken additional courses in botanical medicine, a Materia Medica correspondece course with Michael Moore of the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine as well as two years of organic chemistry & biochemistry.  

Teaching: ​ Heather has been the instructor of a for credit college course on Herbal Medicine.  She also offers community classes for the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism.  Topics being offered this spring include: Growing Medicinal Herbs, Herbal First Aid, and Herbal Medicine Making.  She also offers public and private classes for groups.  Past topics have included, Herbs for Sleep (knowing the difference), Adaptogens, Herbs for Energy, Herbs for Stress,  History of Herbal Medicine, Botanical Medicine for Tooth and Gum Health, Growing Uncommon Medicinal Plants, Pathways to Being an Herbalist.

 Clinical Services:  Her style in clinic is ecclectic, fast paced, at least relative to some of the other alternative modalities, intuitive and informative.  This is to say that you don't neccessarily have to go into every detail of your health at great length in the first meeting (though allowing plenty of time putting thought into your first meeting is always preferable!)  Her services and advice do not include a cut and paste approach repeated for every customer.  Some alternative practitioners direct all their clients to follow the same specific diet and repeat remedies over and over, whereas with a great breadth of knowledge and experience with different herbs Heather selects on which is specific to you and may address more than one concern at once.  This makes hers a more approachable AND more worthwhile herbal service for busy people who want help with specific issues and need an approachable first step that will get them results!  Her clients appreciate her broad mastery of herbs, talent for coming up with a plan that works in real life, and value of scientific or experiential understanding of how herbs & nutrients work!     A note about the statement fast paced... You will experience having more time to discuss your concerns than you are used to with conventional health approaches, however, her approach is still faster than many alternative health options when it comes to getting right to your main concerns and addressing them with healthful and effective alternative or adjuvant therapies.