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1-2 hour seminar Supplement Straight Talk: Herbs & Supplements Clients Ask About For Supporting Mood
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Herbal & Health Education

Herbal products, specifically tinctures of nearly every plant under the sun are my original offering..  I have on hand, tinctures of 200-300 plants most of which I have grown or wild gathered and made of fresh plant material. (About 5-10% of the plants are plants that really cannot be grown or gathered here but are extremely useful so I offer those as well. and make the extracts from quality dried plant material.)
The prices are as follows: 
1-oz: $8.
2-oz: $15.
4-oz: $30.
8-oz: $55-60. (depending on plant sourcing)
I've moved!  But I am still attending occassional events in Vermont and I ship products all over the world!    I keep some items; non-alcoholic items for internal use and topical items stocked in my office in Somerville, MA at The Armory.  The list here is not exhaustive.    


The original list is available at:  
--Range of topics from plant walks for groups to more advanced talks on the medicinal actions and phytochemistry (how botanical medicine works).

-Talks on specific interest areas. 

-For several years to present lead two for-credit classes on Botanical Medicine for the Wellness & Alternative Medicine Program at an accredited school, Johnson State College.

-Now lead a semester long class for herbal students at the Vermont Center for Integratie Herbalism called: "Actions & Chemistry", refering the the range of medicinal actions of plants, chemistry of medicine, and incorporating basic relevant physiology. 

My current interest is deepening my knowledge of the phytochemistry of medicinal herbs and delivering it to the public, other herbalists and health professionals.


Conference presentations  
Phytochemistry for Herbalists The American Herbalists Guild 27th Annual Symposium, Seven Spring, PA,  2016

Phytochemistry for Herbalists
Herbstalk, Sommerville Mass     June 4th-6th, 2016  

Impish Alkaloids
Herbstalk, Sommerville Mass     June 3rd-4th, 2017 

The Twisted Tales of Elderberry, Poke, Passionflower & More
Midwest Herb Faire, Michigan
September 8th-10th, 2017

Midwestern Plants Not To Be Taken For Granted, 2016
Midwest Herb Faire, Michigan  


I know that seeing an herbalist is uncharted territory for some, so I offer a free fifteen minute chat to answer questions about what I do and let you get a feel for how this all works.  This is not a consultation but you may tell me what you are interested in accomplishing and hear a bit from me to determine if this is a good fit for you.

Q. Do I have to change my diet radically, give up...?

A. While you cannot get something for nothing I pride myself in working with you where you are at, with an appreciation for busy lifestyles.  I am not a diet dogmatic.  Though many of my peers work largely in diet intervention and nutrition I will always offer a botanical remedy and add something to help you feel better or accomplish your particular goals, because it is easier to add than take away habits and I am here to OFFER you something specific that you did not already know about, beyond encouragement and common health knowledge or popular herbs. 

Q. Do I have to buy a bunch of herbs and supplements?

A. Again, while you can't get something for nothing I will never give you "the kitchen sink formula" (meaning everything anyone ever thought of for your particular concern) and I do not have certain regiments that I make every customer buy into.  I try to emphasize the top 1-3 recommendations I can make for you and list others as optional.  

There is no check out desk where you are stacked with supplements and herbs.  Though I do make some of my own products to provide affordable options and because some items are harder to find in stores.  In most cases, I will show you where you can shop for the recommended items with no pressure or profit on my part.

More About...

Botanical medicines have a wide range of uses for issues including sleep, energy support, digestive support, hormonal balance, respiratory and immune health and much more. 
What you get out of an herbal consultation with me; reflection on and impressions of the health concerns that YOU bring to the table and want to focus on.  A person who is interested in hearing these concerns and guiding you in a simple plan, weeding out some of the many overwhelming and overtouted natural health products.

I can steer you towards tried and true helpers from a great range of medicinal plants.
Please email or call to start a conversation about your individual needs.       
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All Seasons
Adaptogens or... 
Herbs for Energy, Herbs for Rest
Sleep Herbs, Know the Difference 
Herbs for the Mind 
Herbal First Aid
Herbs for Tooth and Mouth Health
Plant or health concern specific talks

Spring and Summer Talks
From Seed to Reality
Planning a medicinal garden
Making Medicinal Preps with Fresh Plants
Summer Cooling and Sleep Remedies
Medicinal Mint Family Plants 
Plant Walks

Fall and Winter Talks
Gifts from The Garden, DIY Herbalism
Herbs for Immune Health
Winter Sleep, Relaxation, Energy Herbs

& 7 Herbs for Winter Health & Enjoyment 
Wintergreen Holiday Market 
The Armory
Sommerville, MA 

Basic Bio...
I learned about botanical medicine while I was a student at Cornell University in 2002.  From the first hour of the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine  I was all in. After earnig my degree (taking every health, premed, botany, mycology & plant chemistry class I could) and working in medicinals cultivation for sometime while continuing to learning about herbs and gain experience using herbs with people I ventured east to attend the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism  in its first year of operation. Now I make my living as an herbalist and I have moved from Vermont to Boston to serve a greater population and concentrate on the informational and educational aspect of herbalism.

Next up: Articles of Inquiry, Amusement and Usefulness for Herb Students - An eclectic array of notes and resouces related to herbalisms tricky questions...and heated debates... 

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